Chris Rywalt's Cumulus Vitalis

Christopher George Rywalt was born on December 19, 1970, on the shores of the mighty Kill van Kull River. Some time later he took classes at Stuyvesant High School where he graduated with H.A. (He Attended). Soon after that he was swept into Stevens Institute of Technology and has been unable to escape its mighty pull completely, though he stopped working there two years after he graduated in 1992 with a B.S. in Computer Science. Often, Mr. Rywalt returns to his alma mater to make use of their pool or squash courts -- more often the squash courts.

He used to be a system administrator and programmer. Then he was ``contracting,'' which sounds impressive but isn't. Mr. Rywalt now mainly programs CGI scripts in Perl and C, in addition to cranking out HTML forms and performing busywork. He has contracted for Prodigy, where he didn't do much of anything, and the Company Formerly Known As Delphi, where he also didn't do much of anything. (They may be calling themselves iGuide or somesuch by now.) Then, he returned to the ranks of the Truly Employed -- no more hourly wage for him -- at Elsevier Science, Inc., where he was the sole owner of the wonderful title ``Electronic Product Technical Developer'' for an entire year and two days. Since then he has become an independent contractor, which is somewhat harrowing but allows him to work from home. In this capacity he's done work for Hunter Douglas (which sounds like an aerospace firm but actually makes window treatments), Arcus, John Wiley & Sons, Harris Publishing, and INTERACT Multimedia.

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