Christopher G. Rywalt

EDUCATION  Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 1992.
Hardware:  SGI Indigo; IBM RS/6000; DEC VAX and Alpha; PC; Macintosh; Sun SPARCstation
Software:  3D Studio; Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop, and Illustrator; CorelDRAW; DECwindows; ImageMagick; MS Windows v3.1 and v3.11 for Workgroups; Multinet TCP/IP; NCSA Mosaic and httpd; Netscape and Netsite; POV Raytracer; World Wide Web servers and CGI interfaces; xv; X Windows; WAIS; Isearch
Operating Systems:  OSF/1, IRIX, Linux, AIX, MS-DOS, UNIX, VMS, Windows NT, Solaris, SunOS
Languages:  Java, C, C++, Perl, HTML, SGML, WordPerfect Macro, FORTRAN, NetBIOS, Pascal, PC Assembly, PostScript, ProLog
Electronic Product Technical Developer
Elsevier Science, Inc., New York, New York

Past projects included implementing batch conversion of documents in SGML to HTML for presentation via the World Wide Web; modifying the C++ code for Isearch to handle specific document formats; specifying, designing and implementing an author query system using WordPerfect macros and Perl CGI scripts on the Web which allows copyeditors to edit and perform author queries entirely electronically; and designing and implementing a username/password database and maintenance system for Web-based products. Responsibilities included researching new technology relating to publishing content on the Web and receiving and processing data for addition to ongoing Web publications.
March 1996 to March 1997.

Consulting Programmer
Delphi Internet Services Company, New York, New York
for The Registry, Rye Brook, New York

Projects included designing, specifying, and implementing CGI script support for the online auction of X-Files memorabilia, involving Perl scripts written to merge pre-written HTML with dynamic data read from a database at run-time; and installing Linux with TCP/IP networking.
April 1995 to March 1996.

Consulting Programmer
Prodigy Services Corporation, White Plains, New York
for The Registry, Rye Brook, New York

Past projects included specifying, designing, executing, and testing of the ``pay-per-view'' HTTP back end; modifying and documenting WUFTP to allow user authentication via a user database on a remote non-UNIX system; exploring and documenting commercial charge and billing systems on the World Wide Web, including DigiCash, ECash, and First Virtual; exploring and documenting security issues on the World Wide Web, including Shen and public key cryptography (PGP and RSA); and installing and maintaining software on an AIX machine.
August 1994 to March 1995.

Systems Programmer and Administrator
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey

Responsibilities included specifying, designing, executing, and testing of projects implemented mainly in C, in both UNIX and VMS environments. Also responsible for software maintenance and upgrades on three DEC VAXes running VMS and several MicroVAXes and VAXstations running VMS or UNIX. In charge of hiring staff and student programmers, including technical interviews, for work on projects relating to the VAXcluster and the Stevens network. Also included was designing, specifying, writing and delivering seminars, for a technical audience, about the Internet, electronic mail, and security. Work was project-oriented, requiring motivation and discipline.
June 1992 to August 1994.

Airbrush Artist
Airoglyfix, Wildwood, New Jersey

Responsibilities included designing and airbrushing t-shirt graphics and selling to walk-in customers on the boardwalk.
June 1990 to August 1990.

References furnished upon request.