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I understand that I haven't been writing much on this blog. I've been commenting here and there, and posting some over at [Post], but mostly I've been reactive, not actually active. You poke me, I poke back, but otherwise, I just stay settled down in the mud. I've been working sporadically on the follow-up to my Imaginary Gallery and I really should be writing up my reviews of a few shows I've seen. But the going is slow.

Why is this? Every day I go down my list of art-related blogs and I skim the new postings but what I keep hearing in my head, tolling like a bell, is just this: I don't care. I don't care. I don't care.

I don't know why I don't care right now. I simply don't. Maybe that's what separates the professionals from the amateurs -- the professionals give a crap on deadline. Certainly the blogs I've been checking in with have continued churning out pointless posts at professional clip. Blah blah blah Deitch, blah blah blah Skin Fruit, blah blah blah "anonymous comments on the blog lately have not been about building a comment community". Lately? Seriously? Is this 1998 that you just figured this out? More late-breaking news: The obvious is still obvious!

I don't even have the heart to list recent stupidities on the art blogs. None of them have been all that egregious anyway. Minor stupidities hardly count. The good writers are backing off -- Franklin quit and Bunny's been quiet, at least on strictly art-related topics -- and the bad ones, well, they just keep on truckin', don't they? It's like a Yeats poem, but less exciting. Not with a bang, but with a whimper, right?

I'm trying to care. Really I am. It's just not working.


This post saddened me Chris.

Yeah, although I see where you're coming from, it kinda makes me feel like crap for reading with interest (like, "why are you reading this? Don't you know blogs are over and I don't care anymore!?!")...and while it may be true that a good blogger like Franklin has quit, that doesn't mean b/c you haven't quit means you've been left behind...not that you said that, exactly, but there's an air of "the incompetents trudge one, while the greats move on" in the post...and you're wondering if by not moving on you haven't missed the bus.

Anyway, if you write something, I'll read it. With interest. But now I'm taking my kid on the Staten Island Ferry for the 1st time...

I just meant that you wasted a perfectly good opportunity to plug my awesome blog. You know, I rub your back by commenting here, etc., and you rub my back by posting a link to my blog, or commenting on something I have done. Come on man. Get with the art blogger agenda.

I hear you. Welcome to the age of discontent and apathy. That picture says it all.

In other news: do you know a better commenting system other than Disqus, Intense debate, or js-kit(fee-based but looks good?) I want something as simple as what had.

Am I an expert at milking compliments or what? Nothin' better than emotional blackmail. Keep it up Chris, regardless of the fact that so much out there sucks. Oh and thanks for calling my sound aberrations music. I am touched.

I don't mean to be a dick but it doesn't seem worthwhile to wait around until the art blogs you typically peruse get really awful again so that you can get "excited" about blogs again. is gone, probably forever, so you won't be able to contribute there any longer. But you do have a decent size audience for your own blog so you either create content for them or you don't. People tend to stop visiting blogs once they sit dormant for a few months. Most of your audience will fade through time. Random links might bring people to your blog as long as the URL stays live. Personally, I think my blog has reached the saturation point. It won't get bigger, ever. So I either face that reality and move on, or I make due with the small audience I currently have.

Quality control is a good thing but not if it completely stifles you.

Blogger's comment system would open a new window and it annoyed me. (they might do inline comments now).

I was not aware of that. I'd have to uninstall disqus but not sure how to do it.

I really like this photo! It reminds me of Merlin Carpenter's (no relation) recent work, except better.

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